Charmayne Mills former CAAM State Board Pres. and member of Friends Foundation Board, Clarence Avant, Edna Anderson-Owens Vice Chair Calif. Science Center, Charmaine Jefferson Executive Director of CAAM, Jacquie Avant, Artis Lane, Aline Bakewell, Danny Bakewell (former editor of the Sentinel; former board chair Hundred Black Men

CAAM Honors Lane with a Retrospective

A Woman’s Journey: The Life & Work of Artis Lane”

The exhibition explored her body of work

spanning more that 60 years, 2008 


(323) 938-0538 

Paul Madison, Maria Shriver, Eunice Shriver, Charmaine Jefferson

Lane and First Lady Maria Shriver

Charmaine Jefferson, Director of CAAM, host talk with Lane regarding her life’s work

Charmaine Jefferson, Director of CAAM, introduces

Ms. Lane

Mar Hollingsworth, Curator and Project Manager for  CAAM, and Ms. Lane

CCH Pounder actor gallery curator, Lane and fellow artists Charles Dickson

During the retrospective Ms. Lane visits for a talk with the museum director and a catalogue signing

Ms. Lane lunches with the ladies at the California African American Museum. The luncheon was held in honor of the First Lady of California Maria Shriver.

Emerging Woman & Woman found in the collection of CAAM

Lane first me the future president

at his book signing held at CAAM

Lane signs the banner from her retrospective for an auction to raise funds for the museum

Lane signs a catalogue for one of her youngest fans

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