Lane is Commissioned to Enlarge  “Emerging First Man”

from 32” to 12 ft.

The 12 ft Emerging First Man was commissioned by the Le Jardin Estates, an 1100 acre private estate community found just outside of Atlanta, GA., 2007

Lane working on clay

Lane checking casting and welding at foundry. The work is cast in sections and welded together.

Lane inspecting the finished piece at foundry

Emerging First Man installed at La Jardin Estates

(323) 938-0538 

Lane’s Emerging Into Spirit series leaves the workings of the foundry: the gaiting material, ceramic shell mold, etc., (the “birthing” materials of the foundry), on the bronze to symbolize generic man emerging out of material thinking into spiritual consciousness and symbolizing our own journey in life.

Because this piece was to be installed outside the shell was cast in bronze and patinaed to to represent the ceramic shell in white.

The 12 ft bronze was enlarged from her 32” sculpture.

The finished piece leaving the foundry

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